Christian Corral was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and is a proud Eastwood High School graduate from the recent class of 2020. Christian is currently attending his first semester at The University of Texas at Austin and is studying Kinesiology Exercise Science. His long-term goal is to go to medical school and specialize in Neurology. His career interests include the study of disease prevention, educational psychology, and neurological research.

Chathrini Kularatne graduated with the Socorro High School class of 2020. After moving to El Paso from California, she attended Del Norte Heights elementary, Hurshel Antwine Elementary, and Rafael Hernando Middle school. Her family has lived in El Paso for almost ten years and has fallen in love with the welcoming community as well as the drive people have for success. She confidently states that the city is what has motivated her to become the best version of herself. Chathrini attends The University of Texas at Austin, with the help from the El Paso In Austin Foundation, and couldn’t be more grateful for the impact El Paso has made on her journey to higher education. 

Jared Vrahnos is a graduate of Americas High School and was involved with many clubs and organizations including speech and debate, the National Honor Society, and Business Professionals of America.

Beyond the classroom, Jared ventured into his community and altar-served at St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Church; learning to give back to others in a faith-based way. His involvement in community events served the purpose of improving any environment with a sense of humility and compassion. Serving as a bell ringer for the El Paso Salvation Army during the Christmas season, and accumulating cans for El Pasoans Fighting Hunger are a few of the community service projects he participated in to give back to the caring community of El Paso.

Now a student at The University of Texas at Austin, he plans to attain a degree where he can give back to a community in need. Becoming a lawyer or doctor with a background in business are the career pursuits he aspires to achieve. Jared says that no matter what the future may hold, he will strive to make a difference within any community, filled with the determination to help others.