Established in 2007, the El Paso in Austin Network was created for the purpose of providing its members the opportunity to maintain a connection to the Sun City of El Paso. With a commitment to the pursuit of higher education, members of the El Paso in Austin Network established a high school scholarship to help support the educational goals of El Paso’s youth. 



  • Established the El Paso in Austin Adelante Scholarship Circle

  • Awarded 26 El Paso Seniors with $1,000 scholarships

  • Recognized 40 El Paso in Austin Trailblazers

  • United thousands of El Paso Expatriates in Austin through our annual events over 13 years 

  • Launched the Trailblazer Awards in 2012

  • Established the El Paso in Austin Network Scholarship Fund in 2010

  • Founded 2007

Yvonne Loya

UT Austin
Irvin HS

Gladys Acosta

Texas Senate
Valle Verde ECHS

Samuel Franco

Infravest Strategies, LLC
Clint HS

Erika Aguirre

Loretto Academy

Chris Cordova

Foundation Communities
Cathedral HS

Adriana Alvara
SouthStar Bank
Americas HS

Ana Moreno Vandiver
Junior League of Austin
Loretto Academy

Jessica Walgenbach

Coronado HS