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In June 2019, we launched a NEW fundraising initiative called the El Paso in Austin Network Adelante Scholarship Circle. We've heard from so many El Pasoans in Austin who love what we do and would like to do more for our organization but do not have the time to commit.  Well, the Scholarship Circle allows those who want to give larger financial donations to our organization to do so.  Your commitment of $1,000 will allow us to grow our scholarship fund and provide more scholarships to rising seniors from our hometown of El Paso, TX. 

Scholarship Investors (as of 12.2.19):

  • Erika Aguirre

  • Missy Apodaca

  • Noel & Patty Candelaria

  • Anthony & Sonia Dominguez

  • Lalo Estrada

  • John Heasley

  • Emmy Hill

  • Linda Medina-Lopez

  • Yvonne & Mike Loya

  • Cristina Valdes

  • Anonymous Donor

  • Judy Cortez + Ana Jordan + Elvia Medel + Cynthia Rubio


Join the El Paso in Austin Network Adelante Scholarship Circle

to make an impact on El Paso's Youth.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. 

Questions? Contact: Yvonne Loya,


"Being from El Paso, I have a huge soft spot for the city, and nothing makes me happier than to see its young people succeed. In my family, I was the first American generation to go to college, and I didn’t know where it would take me, but I knew it was the key to success. I donated to the El Paso in Austin Adelante Scholarship Circle because it’s a wonderful cause. I know that there are so many deserving young people in El Paso who also want to go to school, but sometimes they might need a little help as I did."

-- El Pasoan in Austin Lalo Estrada, Bank of America

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